About Lessons with Tim

So you want to learn to play the drums?

A saying among drummers is that the drums are “The easiest instrument to play but the hardest to master”. What they mean is playing a very basic rock/pop rhythm can be extremely simple, students are always surprised how easy it is. However, we have four limbs that can play any rhythm at any time, so the possibilities are enormous! I generally teach students from as young as year 2 (age 6 or 7) but there is no upper age limit!


My lessons are always tailored to the student. Everyone learns differently. The direction can also be different, for young beginners I generally use my own sylabus of topics but some prefer to learn the grades. Some adults come to me just for help with their technique, to learn to play a certain style of music or learn to play along to songs of their favourite band. Regardless though, I always cover the basic rudiments and some work on basic technique as these are vital.

“Tim’s a brilliant teacher, really down to Earth. His ability on the kit and knowledge of drumming however is just inspiring, most of all though I just wish I had his patience!”  Andy

Advanced Concepts for the Drum Kit

My book, "Advanced Concepts" is now available at £7.99