A little about Tim

I started playing the drums when I was ten years old. I made up a kit from paint tubs and later on the big frying fat tubs you'd see outside a chip shop! I finally got a real drum kit when I was 13 and started playing my first gigs at 15 with a covers band. We played pubs, parties, and even Birmingham University. That year I met my idol Steve White, after seeing him play up close, chatting to him and being totally inspired I dedicated myself to practice. In the school holidays I'd often get up at seven in the morning and practice until lunchtime.

After leaving school I studied Music technology at Gloucester college where while learing about recording techniques I came into contact with other musicians. I ended up getting into the Bristol music scene and became a regular on the jazz circuit. In Gloucester I worked on my session skills playing for musicals and pantomimes in the pit at the Olympus Theatre.

I applied for a job as a sound engineer with Forest of Dean Music Makers, an organisation that gives young people the opportunity to play music. However, the Project Leader Mark Bick seemed more interested in my drumming and got me involved in running music workshops around the Forest of Dean. He also asked me to drum for his own Folk/Jazz band ‘Beyond the Blue’ for which I still play!

I still really wanted be a professional drummer though so wanting to make a mark for myself in the music industry I took the decision to move to West London and study at Drumtech which was the leading drum school in Britain at the time. As well as a few recording sessions I started playing for a signed solo artist called Ben Lee Tyler and while most of the gigs were in Central London we also played tours across the country. A few of the highlights being playing the main tunnel in the Cavern club where the Beatles played, filming a music video for a single release and playing a big festival in Belfast presented by Dermot O Leary.

However, we didn't have good management and along with all the travelling and frequent lack of sleep I realised it wasn't really what I wanted so I made the decision to leave the band. I returned to the Forest of Dean and started doing more teaching of the drums. I found teaching very satisfying in that I could pass on all of the techniques, concepts and philosophies I had learnt over my years of practice and performing. I don't have to get up at a silly time to travel hundreds of miles and I can focus purely on drums! I took the grade 8 drum kit exam achieving a distinction and started working for Gloucestershire Music Service teaching in schools across the county. They have since disbanded their peripetetic teaching so I now spend my time teaching at local primary schools.

I'm still always practicing and trying to push my playing as you can see on my Youtube channel and I still love playing live so I play with a few local bands including The Holly Collins Band and Beyond The Blue. I also went on tour with Progressive rock band Also Eden through Switzerland and Germany a few years ago.

Advanced Concepts for the Drum Kit

My book, "Advanced Concepts" is now available at £7.99